Scientific sessions

Citizen science and user generated geospatial content

Convener: Jens Ingensand

Modelling spatio-temporal processes using open source geospatial tools

Conveners: Mauro Rossi, Annette Witt

Open Geospatial for water

Conveners: Massimiliano Cannata, Iacopo Borsi

Free Open Source Software in Remote Sensing for Earth and Planetary

Conveners: Alessandro Frigeri, Francesco Paolo Lovergine

CitySmart, Open Source Apps for Urban Management and special event

Conveners: Patrick Hogan, Maria Brovelli

Environmental Modelling

Conveners: Annalisa Minelli, Erwan Bocher

Risk, hazard and disaster management

Conveners: Martin Mergili, Ivan Marchesini

Spatial Statistics

Conveners: Pierluigi De Rosa, Enrico Guastaldi

Open computational landscape genetics

Conveners: Stephane Joost, Solange Duruz

Open Data, Standards and Education

Conveners: Olivier Ertz, Gwendall Petit

Posters session

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