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Submission of short papers

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Dear Participants,
the call for short papers is now open. Please follow the instructions below to submit your contribution.

The short papers (1000-1500 words) submitted to OGRS2016 will be published in the proceedings of the Symposium in collaboration with PeerJ. PeerJ is an Open Access publisher covering research in the biological, medical and computer sciences, with a Spatial and Geographic Information Systems section. More information about PeerJ can be found at https://peerj.com/about/publications/.

PeerJ are the publisher of two journals, PeerJ Computer Science and PeerJ (which covers Biology and Medicine), as well as an un-peer reviewed preprint server PeerJ PrePrints (which covers all of computer science, biology, medicine etc).


Programme and symposium proceedings

Short papers submitted to the Symposium will be rapidly made available online (~24h) in the PeerJ OGRS2016 Collection using the PeerJ PrePrint server (see PeerJ Preprint server scope and instructions here). Once online, the manuscripts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee for inclusion in the OGRS2016 programme according to an open procedure (the original text, as well as reviewer's feedback and questions are publicly available, moreover anybody is free to add comments). The committee will decide whether the proposal is selected as a standard oral presentation or a poster presentation. In case of rejection by the OGRS2016 editorial committee, the manuscript will be removed from the OGRS2016 collection, but not from the PeerJ preprint server.

Special issue in PeerJ Computer Science

The best short papers will be selected by the Scientific Committee, and the authors will be asked to submit a full paper to the PeerJ Computer Science journal (see author guidelines hereunder). The manuscripts will go through the usual PeerJ editorial process and be accepted or rejected subject to the journal editorial standards. Inclusion in the OGRS2016 symposium proceedings is no guarantee that the article will be accepted. PeerJ gives the first decisions back to authors in a median of 22 days and, when accepted, each single manuscript will be published online immediately.

Possible topics

Your contribution must refer to the general track or one of the specific session tracks that resulted from the call for sessions. See the sessions page for detailed descriptions of these tracks.

Publishing fees

There is no fees for inclusion in the programme and proceedings. Concerning the special issue in PeerJ Computer Science, PeerJ will charge authors their normal publication fees for any accepted article (see PeerJ unique and affordable business model for Open Access publication). However, OGRS2016 will cover publishing fees for 1 author per article. It could be more, depending on the number of selected papers (e.g. 3 papers selected on a total of 31 short papers accepted for inclusion in the OGRS2012 proceedings).

Submission procedure

To start your submission to OGRS2016, simply follow these steps:

1) At first, consult the author guidelines (https://peerj.com/about/author-instructions/cs) and just follow the PeerJ instructions to submit your proposal*;
2) Create an account at https://peerj.com/signup/ and follow the steps to activate your account;
3) Once your account is activated, click “My Manuscripts” and "Submit Article" (or click on https://peerj.com/manuscripts/start/);
4) Start your submission and follow the submission steps choosing options 1.'computer science', and 3.'PrePrint' (2. is about policies and scope);
5) One of the submission fields is "Author Comment" or "Confidential Information for PeerJ Staff". Please include the following text in this field: “This is an article intended for the OGRS2016 Collection”. Also add the name of the session track it is related to.

(*) for the phase of selection for inclusion in the program we do not want to bother you with a specific OGRS template, there is no. But there will be one in the second phase for inclusion in the proceedings as soon as your proposal is selected.